Open Air Rock Camp

When: 2017-08-12, 2017-08-13
Where: Tsaghkadzor
Cost: 15000 AMD

International Open Air Rock Camp will be held on August 12-13 in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia.

EPIC Open Air Rock Camp is a 2-day festival which will bring together thousands of people to enjoy rock music and spend the night in tents while enjoying

 the beautiful nature of Tsaghkadzor.

EPIC Open Air Rock Camp is organised by EPIC LLC and Armenian Rock Association. It is expected to be a huge event featuring famous rock bands such as Dogma, Vostan Hayots, Vordan Karmir, Empyray, Rozen Tal, Nemra, Vishup, Black Marrows and others.

Price for 2 days includes:

    • Transfer Yerevan–Tsaghkadzor
    • Tents
    • Participation in EPIC Open Air Rock Concerts
    • Transfer Tsaghkadzor–Yerevan

Who's playing?

    • Dogma
    • Empyray
    • Vardan Karmir
    • Vostan Hayots
    • Nemra
    • Rozen Tal
    • Vishup
    • Miki Aelian
    • The Black Marrows


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