Top 10 Armenian Performers / Current as of 2017

No.1: Sirusho

Sirusho is currently the most profound artist that is from Armenia.
Her father a well known actor and director as well as her mother, a reputable singer.

No.2: Arame

Bands No.3: Serj Tankian/System of a down

Serj Tankian is Lebanese born Armenian, migrating to LA with his family and starting a band with his friends. Serj is the leader singer for the band 'System of a down'.

SOD has been nominated for four Grammy Awards and have won the Best Hard Rock Performance, 2006.

No.4: Reincarnation

“Reincarnation” AKA. Reincarnation Orchestra)

Over a decade of success as the first Armenian reggae band.

No.5: Aram MP3

Aram used to be a TV celebrity in an Armenian comedy show, “32 Atam” and “Vitamin club”.
During the 32 Atam's show, he would impersonate singers and instruments, he would do it so well they started calling him MP3.

No.6: The beautified project

Armenian melancholic alt-rock, formed in 2005 in London, produced the song “Kilikia” in 2011 becoming one of the most viewed Youtube videos ever.

No.7: Andy

Armenian born Iranian has a unique style and creativity producing music that has a combination of Middle Eastern instruments and Western world instruments.

No.8: Charles Aznavour

Charles has become one of the top most important representatives for both the Armenian and French chanson industry.

No.9: Arthur Meschian

Arthur was once famous for his music but now prefers to work in the Construction industry as an Architect. In 2007, Arthur Meschian was the Chief architect for the construction of the new section of the Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts.

No.10: Ruben Hakhverdyan

Ruben is highly popular in Armenia for his songs “Navak” and “Mer Siro Ashune”

He finds his inspiration and influence by groups like The Beatles, Jacques Brel and James Brown.

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