8 Hottest Women in Metal

This is a list of the top 8 hottest front women in Metal \m/

1. Arch Enemy - Alissa White-Gluz
Formerly from the band 'The Agonist', Alissa from Canada is the lead vocalist for one of the best Swedish metal bands Arch Enemy.

2. MetalWings - Stela Atanasova
Stela Bulgarian born, is an artist with many talents which include vocals, viola and playing the piano. She also teaches at the New Bulgarian University teaching music; computer music; computer skills on Mac; editing of audio.

3. WildPath - Caroline Michaud
Former singer for Nyx Secrets

4. Meden Agan - Iliana Tsakiraki
Born in Athens Iliana has been a life long lover of music.

5. Persona - Jelena Dobrić
A great vocalist from Serbia

6. Elvellon - Nele Messerschmidt
Born into a family of musicians, Nele is one of the best vocalist out there

7. Semblant - Mizuho Lin
Mizuho was born to Taiwanese parents she began singing in a children's choir in her hometown of Foz do Iguaçu , Paraná.

8. Evanescence - Amy Lee
No introductions needed. Amy is has one of the most notable voices in metal. An American born singer and songwriter she wont the Sexist female award at the Kerrang! Awards an annual music awards show in the United Kingdom.

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